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Make a shift in how you think about and relate to others. Discover how threat impacts the way you react to every situation in your life. Improve your ability to connect and communicate with the people in your life, from your spouse, to your children, to your boss and your customers.

This is a workbook that goes with the book, “Oh Wow, this Changes Everything.” After you’ve read the book, “Oh Wow, This Changes Everything,”, you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned. If you haven’t read the book, Oh Wow This Changes Everything, get them both, and start your healing journey with Melody Brooke today.

Every one of us goes through the strain of loosing connection and has to choose to leave or start over with someone new (believe me, I’ve tried this one more than once). Most people just end up in the same place with someone else. Or you can just give up. I’ve seen so many people do this, it breaks my heart. We therapists call that ‘emotional divorce”. You might still be living together and legally married, but on an emotional level your lover has left the building. Your third choice is to learn what it takes to make it great again. Inside your lover’s bad moods or lack of sexual desire is the key to deep connection and hot romance. Learn to fulfill your partner’s hidden desires and you will discover the secret to deep intimacy. The real reasons for your disconnect lie hidden in those “moods”. We call it Turning Landmines Into Goldmines.


Pick your class that goes along with the book.

Jump start your personal growth here. When you have an understanding of yourself, and the
experiences you have, from a new perspective it changes how you experience your life.
Developing the self awareness and emotional intelligence you need to respond differently to
people in your life, transforms your life, your career and your relationships.
→ Learn how you can make sense of the events of your life and change your reactions to
→ Learn to manage anxiety, and lift your mood
→ Deepen your intimate connections
→ Learn to deal with hard conversations
→ Learn how to move from misunderstanding & upset to understanding!
→ Learn how to preserve and deepen your committed relationships
→ Build a stronger sense of your Self and your VALUE as a person
→ Understand how to regulate your emotions and calm your nervous system

This class goes with the workbook Landmines to Goldmines.